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"We want to become more involved and become a mainstay in the Troy, Oh area community."      

About Us: 


Alliance Engineering, LLC, is a multi-facet engineering firm.  The company opened in August of 2010 with an experienced team of engineering and construction experts. We are successful due to our expertise in project management and coordination.  Our project engineering team is able to assist clients on several levels from project design through completion.  We can fill the discipline missing from a client’s normal staff or provide basic assistance on an as needed basis.  Alliance Engineering solves construction engineering challenges for facilities managers and general contractors. We are also experts for metal buildings.



Alliance Engineering is successful because of the experience and expertise of its management team. Rod Hines has 30 years of experience in project management, building layouts, and metal building systems integration into building designs. Clinton Brown has 40 years of experience in construction and facilities management, manufacturing management and plant engineering. Whitney Locker, R.A. has 10 years of design experience. Paul Jacobson, R.A. has 40+ years of design experience.   John Williamson, P.E. has a 20 year career in mechanical design support, material handling systems, equipment installation, project management, and energy management. The management team participates in construction management organizations in order to enhance their knowledge of the industry and business administration.

Alliance Engineering provides your engineering solutions.
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